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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

HUMILITY AND PRIDE. Humility is not stupidity or mediocrity, it is a characteristic of humanity that some posses, humility is a spirit of gentlerity. Slow to anger, obedience, admiralty, acceptability, peace maker and forgiveness. Humble atittude is a very good, and honest atittude, it is said that respect is no fear, that is humility, a respectful atittude to all class of persons, mighty or small, very benevolent, positive, and optimistic atittude, these type of people are prone to succeed and survive when faced with challenges in life, in the school of life, because, their humble atittude goes along way in advertising them for the better. PRIDE : Pride is a characteristic of humanity, posses by some group of people, pride is an arrogant atittude, unforgiving, despirate, difficult to complaint, difficult to seek help from colleagues, very contented, very disrespectful, easily provoked, very prone to anger, very unfriendly, look down on people, don’t accept his mistakes, always feel right in all things, difficult to associate with fellow peers, very insultive , even, to elders of his community. Pride is not a good and a cherish atittude, when faced with challenges of life, in the school of life, these people find it very difficult to survive, and succeed, because of their none challant atittude that they posses, which had possed a bad image on them. Because, they don’t seek help, they find it very difficult to get help, it said, seek, you shall find. Reference, University of Oslo, Norway. Dept. Of health Psychology.

SOCIAL AND ANTISOCIAL. Socializing, associating, mixing up, intertacting, and friendship are characteristics of humanity, it depends on individual lifestyle, and the environment you find yourself, it could be a city centre, smart city, urban area, and ruler area, it has a great influence on humanity lifestyle, hence, some people are sociable, and some are antisocial. The Social class of people are those that have the ability to socialize, associate, interact, discuss, and mixed up with others, they have the ability to express and define themselves, friendly with people around them, these people can easily find a friend, some are traced to genetic positive syndrome, some are traced to environmental factor, some are traced to parental upbringing, parents or guardian that always take his peers outing or site seeing. ANTISOCIAL: Antisocial people are those people that find it difficult to associate, mixed up, interact, express themselves with their peers, colleagues, school mates, co-workers, neighbours, and even, relations, they are always ashame to associate, socialize, interact, and mixed up with others, they always feel shy to express themselves, some of these people are very intelligent academically, because, they make their books their close associate, they are unfriendly, not that they hate others, but, they are shy to come close to others, interact, discuss, and express themselves. Some are traced to genetic disorder, some are influence by their environment, some are traced to parental upbringing, especially, bullying and harassing parents, or guardian, according to a recent empirical research study. University of Oslo, Norway, Dept. Of Psychology.

PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, AND PASSION. Patience is a characteristic of humanity, it is the ability of humanity to endure negative circumstances, the ability of humanity to ignore some unpleasant happenings surrounding him or her, and keep moving forward, not all humanity has the ability to endure some unpleasant circumstances, but, by perseverance and strive, humanity can build up the atittude of endurance in negative circumstances, it is almost the same thing with resilience, ability to cope with negative circumstances. PERSISTENCE : The ability of humanity to keep trying, even if the task is not successful yet, it is said that humanity should not worry about failures, but, should worry about what him or her missed for not trying at all. It is the spirit of not given up, when it is not all that well, these category of people are always very successful at last. PASSION : The atittude of doing the very thing humanity like, love, and admire to do in life, and doing it with cheerful spirit, and doing it pleasantly well, because, humanity always put all their effort, and whole heatedly do it, and derive joy in doing it, it is always excellently well done, and well performed task or endeavors, because of the passion for it. Reference: Chartered Institute of personnel and Development. CIPD.

DIET, BODY, AND MENTAL HEALTH. Diet or food is to build up the body of humanity, physically, mentally, and spiritually, eating the right food at the right time, maintains a better body structure of humanity, to keep the body, soul, and spirit healthy, require the right food, at the right time, food provide humanity the energy to carry out the required daily activities, food is very important, essential, and necessary to humanity, for a life long sustainability. Digging deep about the importance of food to humanity, take us to have a critical study of how food help the human brain to function properly for optimum performance in handling critical issues, especially , in critical thinking, eating healthy goes along way in keeping the brain sharp and alert, for fast thinking and response, to drive home the points, eating healthy keep humanity mentally healthy. Especially, vegetables, fruits, fish, and fish oil. Reference: University of Oslo, Norway. Dept. Of health Psychology.

RESILIANCE: The concept of being resilience is the atittude of moving forward , irrespective of unhealthy and negative circumstances, resilience people are prone to succeed and survive due to their atittude of ignoring negative circumstances posed ahead of them, resilience atittude is attributed to a matured atittude, coping with unhealthy and negative circumstances, that is maturity. Why is that the Adolescence are more prone to mental health problem, than the Adults, is the Inability to cope with depression, caused by unhealthy and negative circumstances. Resilience atittude is recommended to be excibited by humanity, because, it is a positive, optistimic, and a healthy attitude. Empirical research findings proof that resilience people are prone to succeed in life, no matter the challenges they face. Reference: University of Oslo, Norway. Dept. Of Psychology.

HUMAN ENVIRONMENT. The environment where humanity exist, operate, interact, and socialize, have a great influence on humanity, the environment shapes and mode, the atittude and the character of humanity, the environment determines and demonstrate how healthy humanity will be, the environment determines the political, economic, social, and religious standard of humanity, the environment predict the growth, promotion, development and advancement of humanity in career, economic, security, social, and religious well being. The environment shapes humanity lifestyle, the environment is a really great factor in the existence of humanity, here on this side of the global world.

ANXIETY AND WORRY. Anxiety and worry are very common with humanity in this very century, due to global economic melt down, humanity is finding it very difficult to survive in this present time, many nations have failed politically, economically, socially, and even religiously. this has instituted a great concern, anxiety and worry to the global community, and humanity become restless in finding solution to this mess. Anxiety and worry are dangerous to political, economical, and social well being of humanity, anxiety and worry makes humanity to be restless, and restlessness lead to stress and frustration, and this may lead to depression , which may eventually, lead to mild mental health problems. Recent empirical research finding advise humanity to always listen to sweet Melody, music, watch movies, read magazines or novels, go to gym, associate with love and trusted friends and relations, club, play table tennis or lawn tennis, swim, and have fun, to avoid much anxiety and worry, that might cause stress and frustration in life. Reference: University of Oslo, Dept. Of Psychology.

BITTERNESS AND ANGER. These major two characteristics of human beings are very dangerous to the Harmoneous well being of humanity, if not properly nurtured and controlled, the above moods can send humanity to early grave, or make humanity to be invalid for life. Every action or decision taking on the influence of these two characteristics of humanity, is always regrettable at last, if not cause the taking away humanity of his entire life, which is “SUICIDE” because every action or decision taking on the influence of these moods is always very wrong, and can not yield any thing good. Let us open up, it can lead to murder, it can lead to bullying or harassment of people close to you, it can lead to violence or conflicts, it can lead to abuse, it can lead to divorce, it can lead to isolation from loved friends or relations, to name but, few, it is a negative and a bad atittude in it’s entirety, that needs adjustment, amendment, correction and to be addressed.

EXERCISE. Exercising is another necessary and important method of being physically and mentally fit, to be able to carry out your daily routine activities, it keeps the brain mentally alert, and agile, to function perfectly, it straightens the muscles of the body, and makes the body light and smart. Jogging, or taking about 30 minutes walk plays a very important role in keeping physically and mentally fit, playing table tennis or lawn tennis is also very necessary in keeping physically and mentally fit, swimming is also another important way of keeping physically and mentally fit. All these methods of keeping physically and mentally fit is to make the brain mentally alert to function optimally. Empirical research finding, proof that taking a walk daily for about (35) minutes makes the brain function perfectly, to do some daily routines, it couldn’t have been able to do. University of Pittsburgh, research centre.

HiGH EXPECTATIONS IN THE LIFE OF HUMANS. All humanity are expected to have expectations in life, or aims, or objectives, or projections, high or minimal, or low, high expectations is not all that very advisable to any body, in some cases high expectations is very good in achieving high results in a very short time, but, why it is not advisable to any body is that the chances are a very rare, when not achieved, brings disappointments in life, regrets, confusions, disillusions, low self esteem, frustrations, stress, and even depression, which, if not well managed or coped with, will lead to mild mental health problems. Which will make you not be able to carry out your daily life routines again, you become invalid in life. However, if your expectations are minimal or low, if not achieved, may not cause you much disappointments, much confusions, much regrets, or much feelings of failure in life, which you will be able to control, manage, and move on with life journey, because, you must not have invested much on it, in terms of time and capital, therefore, it is really advisable for us to leverage our expectations in life.

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